Lesson beyond classroom

(This entry was meant to be posted months ago.)

Hehe, I borrowed the slogan of Genius Aulad.

Learning should not be restricted to only inside a classroom. It can happen anywhere – at your home, in the garden, in a shopping mall (if you’re a shopaholic who spend most of the time in a shopping mall, eheh!).. even in the toilet!!

Rayyann’s lesson at our backyard 🙂

One fine evening in early of May 2011, while Dzul was happily snoozing in the bed.. hehe..

"What do I need to do now.. hmm.."

She still needed to be wrapped out as it was slightly cold. It wasn’t fully summer yet. That’s why..

About to start gardening now.. p/s: sudip sebagai spade

Let her did ‘gardening’ using the pots and compost of previous year’s gardening activity. We don’t do one this year, since we didn’t fully commit to the plants before. Kasihan pokok2 itu..

She was really into her 'work'

Amongst the lesson for her that day:

  • Textures: The dirt is soft. The leaves are soft. The branch is rough.
  • Allah created man from dirt.
  • Who is Allah? Allah is our one and only God. Whom Ibu & Ayah pray to.
Happily sitting on the pot
Tangan merasa tanah, kaki seronok pijak-pijak tanah yang lembut 🙂

I was amazed to see her working on the ‘tools’, looked like she knew what to do with the ‘spade’, pots etc. I guess she learnt that at her nursery.

Nur Rayyann dearest, our qurratun ain..

Besarlah sebagai anak yang solehah, yg berjiwa besar, memandang jauh ke hadapan. Taatilah Allah dan Rasulmu. Our prayers will always be with you. InsyaAllah..


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