I’m well aware I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot.. lately..

It wasn’t by accident, but on purpose.. It was more out of guilt, really.

I know I need to put my priority right, which is currently finishing my thesis, and get my third degree done with. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have the time to update my blog at all. It was just.. as I said.. I felt guilty, since I should spend the time writing up my thesis instead – knowing myself is very slow at writing (including this blog, especially when I’m having writer-block).

Recently, I heard a talk by Sheikh Kamal Al Mekki entitled ‘Got Manners?’ on Youtube (thanks to Aiman Azlan for the recommendation), which said something about intention and action. That if you intend to change, just set your heart to do it and just do it. No excuse!

For now, that’s my plan..insyaAllah, to change myself (to a better person definitely). To be precise, in finishing my thesis, stick to the plan I’ve done (not going on very well as I expected, more room for improvement). And for my blog, to update it more frequently.


*babble = bebel 😉


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