Before I begin, I’d like to highlight that this entry has nothing – NOTHING – at all, to do with that popular US modelling show hosted by, you know who.. 😉
It all started with 


, that led to one 

open note

, which then was replied 


, and was responded 


, and, again.. another respond 


And here’s the final reply  😀

Reading all those posts (and the comments by the readers), I managed to learn a lot of things. Particularly on the law of hadith. Although by the time I’m typing this, I don’t exactly remember the terms (except the classification of the hadiths), I know a tremendous effort of knowledge seeking was involved. It’s like science, well.. even more strict than science.

According to the video recording, hudud law was created by fiqh scholars, Tun M said. Well, I could accept that. Based on his understanding of the Quran. Well, he was not wrong on that. The reason why I agree with him on this, as far as the law is concern in the Quran, the punishments we commonly call as hudud were not called hudud. Thus, his argument. However, based on my very limited knowledge of Arabic language, hudud means ‘hukuman’. (So, hukum hudud = hukum hukuman?) Anyway, as Hilal Asyraf had discussed on that comprehensively, I leave that matter.

Despite my agreement (well, more like tak kisahla) towards Tun M’s description of hudud not from Quran, I totally disagree with him saying that such punishments are unfair. I don’t think I need to explain why. The Creator of the law is self-explanatory.

Perhaps how the punishments are being carried out by certain parties these days do not reflect the fairness of the law, but the fault lies onto that particular authority, who perhaps misunderstood the real reason the hudud was revealed down to us.

One more thing, reading the comments by the commentators from both sides (TM & HA), just reflect how we tend to be judgmental without knowing the real person or situation.. e.g. comment on TM: nampak sgt dia xbelajar Quran.. and on HA: he’s so arrogant.. etc, etc..

Anyway, that’s all I intend to comment.. And, if you ask which side I’m on, surely I’m on HA’s side 🙂 Oh, did I mention HA follows my Tumblr? 😉

Go, Team L (Langit Ilahi)! Image from: lucretia-delie.tumblr.com

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