Semalam kami main bersama…

I have to say yesterday was the most wonderful day in the year 2015, so far..

After work/ fetched the kids from school/nursery, around 6.10 pm I asked my husband if we can go swimming at the condo’s pool (we’ve been renting a condo since March last year).

He said okay, but what I wasn’t expecting is that he’s coming along too. On my mind before asking I just thought it would be only me with the kids.

So we all changed to our ‘wet’ attire, except Imad, which I just brought his in a bag, packed some stuff required and out we went.

Rayyann seemed to be quite natural to dunk herself in the water, Imad’s getting more skillful too in walking in the water. I guess a few more pool session, I shouldn’t be too worried about him being in the water. (He had a number of ‘choking-drowning-like’ events that turned our faces white before.. phew!)

After about 30 minutes in the water and at the little playground, we went back to our crib, with Imad screaming, wanting to return to the pool. The kids took their shower, and then myself.

The second wonderful event was that we got to perform solat jemaah for maghrib. It was unplanned. I was getting ready to perform Maghrib prayer when Rayyann suddenly said, “Rayyann nak ikut ibu solat”. Okay, I said. While she was putting on her praying garment, Dzul came and said, “Kalaulah boleh nak solat sama2..” something like that. I said, why not. He was referring to Imad. I said it’ll be okay, insyaAllah.

And alhamdulillah, we had our very first solat together, with Imad, although he was only running around and ate some potato crisps at times. Rayyann also did quite well, for staying on her praying mat throughout the prayer although she talked and laughed with Imad at times (there was a time I need to shut my eyes as trying to refrain myself from laughing at Imad, sigh!).

Oh, by the way, before performing the prayer, I had ensured that there was nothing dangerous around the room that may harm Imad if he found it. We also had the room door closed so that he would only stay in the room with us and not going anywhere without our supervision.

Subhanallah walhamdulillah.. hoping for similar events to occur again, insyaAllah.. 🙂


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