Pray for the better of Pantai Timur

Asiah, Rayyann, myself and Imad

Last Friday, en route to Terengganu for a baktisiswa program, we stopped by at Tanah Merah to have our lunch. Rayyann was complaining of having stomach ache, too hungry, she said.

We noticed the pharmacy next to the restaurant that we went to eat was having some sort of lelong/giveaways. Once we’ve finished eating, I had a look at the items outside of the pharmacy, looking for potential things to grab. Then I just noticed, ‘hey, that lady, the pharmacy staff, looks familiar’. After a hard thought (and asking Dzul but no answer from him) then only I could recall. It was Asiah, our former coursemate. We had a chat for a while. She remembers me, alhamdulillah..

She was so happy & relieved that I said hi to her. I know she was stressed with what had happened (her store was affected by the flood, and her home too). But what moved me was, she was so calm & said she is still lucky to still have her home compared to others. “Takpelah, rugi sikit je”. Allahu Allah.. Indeed, Allah tested not a soul beyond its scope.

A lesson for me. Somehow it wasn’t the same to read and watch the news from the media than to come and see things with your own eyes. I pray things will become better for Asiah and the people affected by the flood. InsyaAllah…


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