When my husband asked..

whether I want a Canon or Nikon DSLR for my birthday yesterday, I was so flattered.. nope.. my heart was jumping all over the place first, and then only I flattered.

I didn’t realized he took my comment the other day quite seriously. I did mention of buying a new camera, just for my own satisfaction in capturing scenes and moments.

But I just said, no. “That’s okay. Don’t think it’s a necessity for now”.

Kasihan pada suami. He has already sacrificed a lot, especially his salary. I know it’s part of his duty as a husband, to provide for his family. Although I think he can afford to buy the camera for me, but never mind. That money is better spend for something more meaningful.. and who knows we might need that money for something really important some day. He has a lot to buy for himself after all.

Mr Hubbs is chilling out
Mr Hubbs is chilling out

And as if I can’t afford to buy one for myself. Pfftt!!.. But for the same reason as above, I’m quite reluctant. To be honest, I have one Kenwood mixer in my Lazada cart, waiting to be cashed out. Still thinking should I or should I not. It’s already on sale. But again, it’s just a luxury that can wait. After all, I’m not baking for a living.

I have to say, before I started working, I had this thought that when I start to have my own money, I can buy whatever I can. But apparently, it is not that simple (unless you get 0.5M for your salary per month). You will think more about your loved ones, your responsibility, your future.. everything! It’s not that bad though. It’s something that makes you become more mature, and more responsible.

So, few things to highlight today:

  1. Bertimbangrasalah sesama suami isteri.
  2. Suami saya romantik dengan caranya yang tersendiri 😉
  3. Berjimat cermat selagi ada. (chewah!)

Anyway, I’m officially 34 years old yesterday. 6 more years before I hit that 40 mark, the age that could determine where you’re heading in life.. insyaAllah if Allah permits me to live that long.


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