Asalnya… kemudiannya..

Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim

This blog was originally under Yahoo 360 until it was closed in mid of 2009 (due to unknown reason). In search of a new home, was selected as the owner of the blog has already own another blog on and therefore would like to get a taste of something different.

The transformation

In the first few years, the blog, named as ‘The Unspicy Life of Red Girl’ (hahaha, what a name!) was meant to be a place for the blog owner to simply express her emotions, to write down what happens in her life, and for her own entertainment. But it was moments around her delivery of her precious little princess that she felt she needs to change. Instead of making herself as the center of her every writing, she’d too like to write more on her reactions to the issues surrounding her, and in reminding herself to come back to the Creator, the Sustainer, Allah swt. Daily life events will stick around to be her favourite topic to post. Thus, the title ‘Corat|Coret’ was given to this blog. The owner realized that she actually carries a responsibility as a daié. Inspired by other dai’es, the owner is in the process of truly transform her thought process to become more critical, to spread out reminders (at least for herself); and hope to brush up her writing skill in some way (which is essential for her current status, although this doesn’t sound that realistic!) by writing this blog. InsyaAllah.


The style and focus of her writings might have slightly changed over the years, however they are still evolved around the awareness of the responsibility that she bears. And because of that, she has now changed the name as ‘Sesuka hati’ – to write whatever she feels like writing, or to post photos that she has snapped.


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