Si Tukang Coret

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem..

Firstly, I’m not very good in describing myself. Well, I think nobody would really bother to know who I am anyway.

But for those who would want to roughly know who am I (tak kenal maka tak cinta, ye?)..

A bit about myself

I was born in 80s.. 81 to be precise. Now you’ve known my age, see whether my level of maturity suits my age. This can be done from my writings (Honestly, I think I write like a primary school kid despite my ambitious tackling of the current issues).

Currently being blessed with a wonderful small family – a lovely, handsome (wow!!) husband, and a cute, angelic, tembam daughter ūüėÄ

We’re now temporarily residing in the heart of England.. in a journey pursuing our (both husband & I) third degree.

I’m a licensed pharmacist who are not currently practicing (formally) due to my status now (student), but am eligible to give a little bit of pharmaceutical advise where necessary. (But don’t expect too much since the pharmaceutical memory level is dropping each day as that hippocampus part is shrinking).

Why the name Ummu Rayyann?

Obviously, Rayyann is my daughter, and Ummu means ‘Mother of’. Before she was born, I’d like to be addressed as Ummi by my child(ren), but since hubby is more keen to be called ‘Ayah’, and I’m this matching-freak would only want ‘Ayah’ to be paired with ‘Ibu’, so no Ummi-calling for me. Don’t get me wrong. I like being called Ibu too. So, now I channeled the name to this web world.

Some ulama say that it is a sunnah to call oneself as ‘Abu…’ or ‘Ummu…’. Whether it is sunnah or harus, I like it.

What would you like to become?

I wish, pray, and striving to become a better muslimah, and further, mukminah. I hope I’d success in my PhD journey, to bring something significant to the world of Islam. And hopefully, will have something to help me in akhirah.


Wow, that’s a lot for a ‘little’ bit about myself, huh?..¬† eheh~


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