Jiwa Pemuda..

Have you noticed that I’ve added a new list of links – ‘Jiwa Pemuda’ – at the side of my blog? 😀

Why ‘Jiwa Pemuda’?

If you think I’m trying to preserve my youth.. yes, you’re definitely right!

Saya kini sedang menjalankan usaha me’muda’kan diri dari segi pemikiran, semangat waja, keberanian etc, etc.. (would be great if I could preserve my youthful look too, but a little late maybe.. LOL!)

As mentioned by Allahyarham Dr Fathi Yakan, the Youths are the agent of change. It doesn’t matter what your age is, as long as you have the determination to change yourself and the people around you to the better, you are the ‘PEMUDA’.

Semangat Pemuda

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Ruben Abu Bakr

Today I’d like to share a video (err… two actually.. there are two parts of it.. :D) of Ruben, or in his muslim name, Abu Bakr. I knew about this man from another video shared by K Ana on facebook.

Well, these videos are about his story how he found Islam (it was the last religion on his list! subhanallah..). I hope this will become part of my da’wah effort, insyaAllah.

Semoga Allah terima usaha kecilku ini, amin…

Homosexuality- a human right? Wrong!!

Ricky Martin - What? Proud to be gay?!

What’s happening to the people these days.. More and more are now really open about their homosexuality, or bisexuality.. They claim it’s one of the human rights. Seriously?

Well, I think (heard or read it from a trusty Islamic scholar) human rights are all about the things that conform with our fitrah. Those against the fitrah shouldn’t be claimed as human right. Is being gay our fitrah @ nature? Definitely not!

In the Quran, Allah mentions that every creatures are made in pairs (wish I have the verses on the tip of my finger, huhu.. 😦 ). The pairs are meant to complement each other. If you are paired with another similar thing, how are you going to complete the two of you?

In surah al ankabuut (and in other surahs too), we have been told with the story of the Sodom people, how they were being punished for this kind of sin. Yet, people never learn.

I remember watching All Star Mr & Mrs on ITV2 quite recently. That day, one of the couples featured was of the same gender. I said to Sayang.. “urgh, xlarat nak tgk..”.. A couple of old men, despite they’re celebrities.. it was highly nauseating!

I have to say, the day of judgement is coming.. TOO NEAR now!

Ya Allah, please forgive me for my wrong deeds.. astaghfirullah al azim..

What a weekend!

Yesterday was quite a hectic day for both of us. We did nothing much actually. Early morning went to carboot sale in Colwick. Alhamdulillah, managed to find a moses basket rocking stand.. costs £5.50! (is it cheap or expensive? I’m not so sure).

Anyway, last night, the TMF & 4 Music channels theme was something like ‘the 90s’.. and guess what? I got to catch 3 Spice Girls old video clips, haha.. I was a big fan of them during my school days.. until I graduated my 1st degree, I think.. huh, yelah tu.. after I got married, I requested their special edition cd for my birthday from Sayang, LOL! But to be truth, my interest in them faded bit by bit as I aged. To prove this statement, last night when their concert Live in Wembley was shown on TMF, I dozed off in the middle of it!haha.. and didn’t bother to watch SG in America afterwards. btw, I really like Mel C during that era..compared to how she is now. Alah, even now I don’t really follow her music.. or even any others. Not religiously.. ish, terasa betul dah berusia. Wiser, maybe 😉 Now my inclination has changed towards housework.. i.e. cooking, decorating the house.. Almaklumla, dah jadi bini orang kot.. 😉 😉


In the past month, I went to watch two movies at cinema.. and a number of DVDs at home.. with my beloved Hubby.. But now, it’s all about the cinema movie..

Cinema: first movie ~ Beowulf

the first movie after we got married..well…for this one, it was a prompt decision..actually my hubby and I didn’t plan to watch any that night.. went to watch at Queensbay Mall.. initially,we went there to buy bath towel for myself, since I only brought one over here. As there was more time, and ‘coincidentally’ the movie was just about to begin, we decided to give it a go. Lucky thing we watch it after we got married! there were just too many ‘nude’ scenes, although it’s just an animation.. kalo xkawin lagi,mesti dah blush..xsenang duduk..hehe..

Heart ~ALONE~

I just found a clip of Carrie Underwood singing Alone in American Idol 4 Top 11…and ‘ve been playing it over & over again for about..60 times maybe.. Really,really,really…LOVE it! With the cheers of the crowd as she sang the chorus..really sends chills down my spine.. and I’ve searched the clip from the original singer as well..hehe.. this really rocks!! Until I don’t care to take my lunch..tsk2..