Ramadhan terakhir kami di UK.. ?

Firstly, I guess it’s not to late to wish every muslim Ramadhan Kareem.. It’s already our fifth day of Ramadhan. Here in UK we started our Ramadhan on Friday the 20th of July, while muslims in Malaysia began fasting a day later (Saturday). Doesn’t matter when we began our Ramadhan, but how we live it that matters. Also, it is our fifth Ramadhan abroad. Alhamdulillah, we’ve been given another opportunity to spend our Ramadhan here by Allah. Initially, we thought of spending our Ramadhan in Malaysia but Allah knows best. Yelah, thesis tak habis lagi, belum boleh balik ke Malaysia lagi.

Despite the long hours of fasting this year, the longest fasting day in Ramadhan I’ve ever experienced, but alhamdulillah wa syukrillah, we could bear it. So far, at least. InsyaAllah Allah will ease all our hardship and difficulties that we have. Come to think of it, >18 hours of fasting is not much. I heard those in Norway they fast for ~21 hours. And it is still nothing if we compare those who don’t have food to eat at all. The reason why we are obliged to fast in Ramadhan – to remember the poor people and feel their plight. Insaf..

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Before she came into this world..

Reminiscing the moments before Nur Rayyann was born..


7 Sept 09

I was already 4 days overdue (EDD: 3/09/09). We hoped for 9th Sept now.

Ibu has arrived! 🙂

Ibu arrived at night. Dzul & I went to Stansted Airport to fetch Ibu.. the journey took us 2 hours each way. Arrived home at around 2 am. Performed isya’ prayer, sahur, fajr prayer.. and off to sleep.

10 Sept 09

9/09/09 date has passed. Now we’re eyeing on 11/9 or 12/9 (it’s Ibu’s bday :)). Ketika ini, ku reda dengan ketentuanNya (in fact, always).

Ntah macam mana, I was assigned to be the head of the group to cook nasi minyak for NMC iftar on 12/9/09. I handed the post over to dear kak Suhaili.

In the evening before iftar, Dzul brought me to the campus for a walk.. a way to trigger the labour and we walked around the lake.

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Salam Ramadan (Part II)

Alhamdulillah, we’re now in the 12th day of Ramadan.. how time flies..

Btw, for yesterday’s iftar, I cooked nasi briyani with kambing masak hitam and some acar mentah. And Dzul said the mutton was yummy! Alhamdulillah, ku rafa’kan kesyukuran pada Allah. But as I was not fasting, I could taste the food while I cooked 😛 However, still I felt grateful. It’s not that often my husband says it 🙂

Hmm, 12th Ramadan.. dah second round dah..

It’s time to reflect.. what we’ve done in the first round, the first 10 days of the month.. have we done enough, especially in preparing ourselves for the final round – to seek the lailatul qadr. If we don’t we still have few nights left. InshaAllah as long as we’re still been given this life.

شَہۡرُ رَمَضَانَ ٱلَّذِىٓ أُنزِلَ فِيهِ ٱلۡقُرۡءَانُ هُدً۬ى لِّلنَّاسِ وَبَيِّنَـٰتٍ۬ مِّنَ ٱلۡهُدَىٰ وَٱلۡفُرۡقَانِ‌ۚ فَمَن شَہِدَ مِنكُمُ ٱلشَّہۡرَ فَلۡيَصُمۡهُ‌ۖ وَمَن ڪَانَ مَرِيضًا أَوۡ عَلَىٰ سَفَرٍ۬ فَعِدَّةٌ۬ مِّنۡ أَيَّامٍ أُخَرَ‌ۗ يُرِيدُ ٱللَّهُ بِڪُمُ ٱلۡيُسۡرَ وَلَا يُرِيدُ بِڪُمُ ٱلۡعُسۡرَ وَلِتُڪۡمِلُواْ ٱلۡعِدَّةَ وَلِتُڪَبِّرُواْ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ مَا هَدَٮٰكُمۡ وَلَعَلَّڪُمۡ تَشۡكُرُونَ

The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the Criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month, and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, (let him fast the same) number of other days. Allah desireth for you ease; He desireth not hardship for you; and (He desireth) that ye should complete the period, and that ye should magnify Allah for having guided you, and that peradventure ye may be thankful. (Quran S2:185)

Quran was revealed to the mankind in the month of Ramadan. As in the firman above “..and clear proofs of the guidance, and the Criterion (of right and wrong).” It is in this month we ought to learn to part ourselves from all the wrong doings, from mungkar, with the guidance of Quran, inshaAllah.
I have learnt, that to become a good muslim & mukmin.. it is not only we call for people to do the right things but also to stop them from doing maksiat. ‘Amar ma’aruf nahi mungkar’.. The latter part is the hardest role to play, but that’s what we have to do.

Salam Ramadan (Part I)

Salam Ramadan Kareem..

Alhamdulillah, my praise to Allah, as I’m still breathing His air, still standing on His earth, full of health.. to experience this Ramadan once again –  The month full of barakah and rahmah.

Today we’re already in the 3rd day of Ramadan. Regrets deep in my heart as the first two days went away without I made the full out of the days. InsyaAllah will try to fill the rest of this Ramadan better.

As promised, a year ago I wanted to share what I’ve got from the usrah session I attended. About Ramadan kareem.. insyaAllah.

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Our new arrival..

Alhamdulillah on the 13th of September 2009 (23 Ramadhan 1430H), we had a new arrival in our family… named Nur Rayyann binti Dzul Azri.. she’s so adorable.. My father said most probably the night she was born was Lailatul Qadr, insyaAllah.. He heard people experienced quite a number of unimaginable events that night.. one of them was myself in delivering this baby. She kept looking up instead of having her head down on her way out of my womb, despite the doctor had already corrected it to assist the delivery.

Hope she’ll become an obedient muslimah, mukminah, solehah.. insyaAllah.. and I hope I could bring her up in Islamic environment, as much as I could.. Ya Allah, berilah kekuatan kepada hambaMu ini.. amiin Ya Rabbal alamin…Nur Rayyann, Ibu and Ayah do love you so much!! 🙂