Memori Syawal 1431

Eidul Fitri, hari mulia 😀

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah.. we got to celebrate Eid again. Our third Eid together, and the third time abroad. And this year, Nur Rayyann was almost a year old. So our celebration was more meaningful.

This year’s 1st Syawal was celebrated in moderation, and with highest gratitude to Allah. He blessed us with so many things in our life – a happy family, health, our chance to be here, to further our study here.. well, the list is neverending.

Solat eidul fitri, The Forest

After few years I missed performing solatul eidul fitri, Alhamdulillah this year I got the chance to do it. It was a special moment for me as this time I went to perform it on a field – at The Forest. Couldn’t really describe my feeling at that moment. Subhanallah..What’s more I just learnt that it is sunnah to perform solatul eid on a big, open area.

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