When the sun is shining bright…

You know we hardly get sunshine in this country, regardless of season. And what’s more in the winter.
So, on Saturday 12 February, once we knew that they forecasted the weather would be sunny, we grabbed the chance to bathe ourselves with the sunshine. We were in dire need to topping up the vitamin D, so that the calcium digested from the food we consumed could be absorb optimum-ly (is there such word?)

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, we went to Attenborough Nature Reserve near Beeston. It was the second time for both Dzul & I, and the first for Rayyann.

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Gempur Wira!

Baru2 ni kawan2 Srikandi sibuk memuat naik gambar2 zaman sekolah.. terutamanya gambar PKBM(L).. di FB. Bila dah di’tag’, secara tak langsung terjumpa semula kenalan dari EC (or MSAB) yang sama2 digabungkan untuk perbarisan TATU hari kebangsaan 1998 peringkat negeri Johor. This one former EC student, I had known him better than anybody else in his team since we both participated in the sailing program of KLD Tunas Samudera in 1997, together with Azah Bot from my school and another student from EC. Continue reading