It is quite common for a newly-delivered mothers to want to be pregnant again.

I had the same feeling after I had Rayyann. I initially thought it was odd for me to feel that way. However, it wasn’t. It’s common.

And what’s more common is for a woman to feel to have another child once the one(s) she already has has grown. Again, I fell into the said category 😉

I missed my period last month. And the urine test I did showed that HCG hormone was positively detected. (I did the test on 28 June). Excited, for sure! Alhamdulillah..

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To P or not to P

Last Saturday we went to visit a friend who had just delivered a baby boy. MasyaAllah, many congratulations to the couple, Hafiz & Eda on  their newly born. (Well, actually she delivered on the 1st of Sept, but only now we got the time to pay them a visit 😉 )

A common topic to talk about in this sort of visit would be – the experience of labour.. and PANTANG.

Coincidentally, when we called home (in Penang), Bapak asked the same question. Since my brother in-law’s wife is properly ‘berpantang’.

So, this is what this blog entry is all about.. Pantang ke tak pantang.

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She’s finally here..

13 Sept 09

After midnight, the doctor asked me to push again. As nothing happened, she gave me three options:

  • Have things done in the room but with minimal anaesthetic facility
  • Get into OT and have things done there (with better anaesthetic facility)
  • Go for C-section.

“C-sect!” I said, without thinking. The doctor widened her eyes.. “Are you sure?!”

After 2nd thought, I chose the 1st option. Tak larat kalau nak pergi OT pulak, nak siap2 lagi mesti tunggu lagi lama.

They prepared me and I had my two legs hanging, supported by something (don’t know what’s its name, tapi mcm Ross yang dalam Friends tu)..

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Before she came into this world II

The journey to the hospital (Queen’s Medical Centre) took us less than 5 minutes. The road was so clear, it was smooth. The traffic lights turned green whenever we neared one. But believe me, despite the short minutes, having contractions while sitting in the car was certainly not a pleasure thing at all.

We parked right in front of the main entrance.. Walked to the labour room which is just less than 200m away. But had to stop for few times due to the contraction. Dzul went to get the wheelchair for me. Luckily it was so early in the morning, only 2,3 people around saw me in such condition, huhu…

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Before she came into this world..

Reminiscing the moments before Nur Rayyann was born..


7 Sept 09

I was already 4 days overdue (EDD: 3/09/09). We hoped for 9th Sept now.

Ibu has arrived! 🙂

Ibu arrived at night. Dzul & I went to Stansted Airport to fetch Ibu.. the journey took us 2 hours each way. Arrived home at around 2 am. Performed isya’ prayer, sahur, fajr prayer.. and off to sleep.

10 Sept 09

9/09/09 date has passed. Now we’re eyeing on 11/9 or 12/9 (it’s Ibu’s bday :)). Ketika ini, ku reda dengan ketentuanNya (in fact, always).

Ntah macam mana, I was assigned to be the head of the group to cook nasi minyak for NMC iftar on 12/9/09. I handed the post over to dear kak Suhaili.

In the evening before iftar, Dzul brought me to the campus for a walk.. a way to trigger the labour and we walked around the lake.

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Our new arrival..

Alhamdulillah on the 13th of September 2009 (23 Ramadhan 1430H), we had a new arrival in our family… named Nur Rayyann binti Dzul Azri.. she’s so adorable.. My father said most probably the night she was born was Lailatul Qadr, insyaAllah.. He heard people experienced quite a number of unimaginable events that night.. one of them was myself in delivering this baby. She kept looking up instead of having her head down on her way out of my womb, despite the doctor had already corrected it to assist the delivery.

Hope she’ll become an obedient muslimah, mukminah, solehah.. insyaAllah.. and I hope I could bring her up in Islamic environment, as much as I could.. Ya Allah, berilah kekuatan kepada hambaMu ini.. amiin Ya Rabbal alamin…Nur Rayyann, Ibu and Ayah do love you so much!! 🙂

Still waiting..


Right now, I’m still waiting.. half-patiently, to be honest.. to meet our beautiful child.. insyaAllah.. I’m already in the ‘overdue’ category now (40 weeks & 4 days). Tapi, sesungguhnya Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang..

Btw, I’m so grateful.. to be surrounded by very caring friends.. eventhough I’m far apart from my family, I don’t feel lonely.. the support is always there. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Kak Suhaili, Kak Farizah, Kak Rohana, Wan.. and more names which I don’t mention here but doesn’t mean you’re forgotten. InsyaAllah your good deeds will be blessed by Allah.

Just pray that everything will be okay for both baby & myself. Amiin..