When my husband asked..

whether I want a Canon or Nikon DSLR for my birthday yesterday, I was so flattered.. nope.. my heart was jumping all over the place first, and then only I flattered.

I didn’t realized he took my comment the other day quite seriously. I did mention of buying a new camera, just for my own satisfaction in capturing scenes and moments.

But I just said, no. “That’s okay. Don’t think it’s a necessity for now”.

Kasihan pada suami. He has already sacrificed a lot, especially his salary. I know it’s part of his duty as a husband, to provide for his family. Although I think he can afford to buy the camera for me, but never mind. That money is better spend for something more meaningful.. and who knows we might need that money for something really important some day. He has a lot to buy for himself after all.

Mr Hubbs is chilling out
Mr Hubbs is chilling out

And as if I can’t afford to buy one for myself. Pfftt!!.. But for the same reason as above, I’m quite reluctant. To be honest, I have one Kenwood mixer in my Lazada cart, waiting to be cashed out. Still thinking should I or should I not. It’s already on sale. But again, it’s just a luxury that can wait. After all, I’m not baking for a living.

I have to say, before I started working, I had this thought that when I start to have my own money, I can buy whatever I can. But apparently, it is not that simple (unless you get 0.5M for your salary per month). You will think more about your loved ones, your responsibility, your future.. everything! It’s not that bad though. It’s something that makes you become more mature, and more responsible.

So, few things to highlight today:

  1. Bertimbangrasalah sesama suami isteri.
  2. Suami saya romantik dengan caranya yang tersendiri 😉
  3. Berjimat cermat selagi ada. (chewah!)

Anyway, I’m officially 34 years old yesterday. 6 more years before I hit that 40 mark, the age that could determine where you’re heading in life.. insyaAllah if Allah permits me to live that long.


Water… Wise enough?

El nino has already made it’s way here. And it has been forecasted that the weather is going to remain dry for another 9-12 months.

Dry weather = less water reserve = water ration if not careful

To prevent that from happening, I am doing my bit to save the water. Have been doing it for years (a habit inculcated by my parents, alhamdulillah), but more since the last few months when we had the drought earlier this year.


I can’t say I’ve done enough to preserve the amount of water in our dams, but at least I’m trying. So far, these are what I’ve been doing:

  • I try to shorten my shower time to only 2-3 minutes. Even if I shampoo my hair, the time is sufficient.
  • I try to ensure no water is leaking through our pipes.
  • I don’t leave the water running when I’m brushing my teeth and while soaping the dirty dish.
  • I try to use the water as minimal as I could when I’m taking my wudhu. Sometimes I have a pail ready underneath the pipe where I’m taking my wudhu to contain the excess water so that it can be used for other things e.g. Washing the bathroom, flush down the toilet etc.
  • Using the used water from washing the rice to water my plants (provide additional nutrients to the plants too).

I vow to do these, which I haven’t yet started:

  • Washing veges and fruits in a basin.
  • The same steps in washing the dishes (have a basin of water to rinse them).
  • Tadah air hujan

Islam has always taught us to use our resources wisely. If it’s not for our good, then what is it for? InsyaAllah, hopefully everyone will play his/her part and we can avoid further rationing.

P/s: it’s been a while, eh?

Ramadhan terakhir kami di UK.. ?

Firstly, I guess it’s not to late to wish every muslim Ramadhan Kareem.. It’s already our fifth day of Ramadhan. Here in UK we started our Ramadhan on Friday the 20th of July, while muslims in Malaysia began fasting a day later (Saturday). Doesn’t matter when we began our Ramadhan, but how we live it that matters. Also, it is our fifth Ramadhan abroad. Alhamdulillah, we’ve been given another opportunity to spend our Ramadhan here by Allah. Initially, we thought of spending our Ramadhan in Malaysia but Allah knows best. Yelah, thesis tak habis lagi, belum boleh balik ke Malaysia lagi.

Despite the long hours of fasting this year, the longest fasting day in Ramadhan I’ve ever experienced, but alhamdulillah wa syukrillah, we could bear it. So far, at least. InsyaAllah Allah will ease all our hardship and difficulties that we have. Come to think of it, >18 hours of fasting is not much. I heard those in Norway they fast for ~21 hours. And it is still nothing if we compare those who don’t have food to eat at all. The reason why we are obliged to fast in Ramadhan – to remember the poor people and feel their plight. Insaf..

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Bukan sekejap

Alhamdulillah, setinggi-tinggi syukur kepada Allah dengan kemenangan Ikhwanul Muslimin (IM) dalam pilihanraya pemilihan presiden negara baru-baru ini. Tahniah kepada calon IM, Dr Morsi.

Membaca serba sedikit perkataan-perkataan yang telah dilontarkan oleh Dr Morsi, keazaman dan agenda beliau ke seterusnya sedikit sebanyak melegakan perasaan yang sempit lantaran ‘political scene’ di tanah air sendiri. Sampai satu peringkat dua tiga hari yang lepas, saya terfikir untuk menetap seketika di Mesir, kerana harapan masa depan nampaknya lebih cerah di sana berbanding di tanah air nanti.

Petikan ucapan saat awal kemenangan (image: http://kebunketereh.com)

Perkara penting untuk dijadikan iktibar hasil peristiwa penundukan kezaliman dan permulaan penegakan keadilan ini, bahawa untuk berjaya dalam perjuangan memerlukan tarbiyah, pengorbanan dan keimanan yang tinggi. Perjuangan IM lama bermula berpuluh tahun, lebih lama daripada usia ayah. Sistem usrah yang dijalankan, bukanlah semata hanya – ‘quoting Angel Pakai Gucci’“asyik berbulatan gembira sahaja” tetapi untuk mendidik keimanan dan kefahaman Islam. Dan usaha yang bertahun, mendidik satu generasi ke satu generasi.. alhamdulillah mula membuahkan hasil.

Kemenangan ini bukan kemenangan mutlak IM, tetapi kemenangan kecil yang membuka ruang untuk perjuangan yang lebih besar. Untuk mengembalikan daulah Islamiyah, yang mana apabila umat Islam memerlukan tempat mengadu, kita ada sistem Khilafah kita. Juga merupakan kemenangan besar buat rakyat Mesir yang bersatu menjatuhkan kezaliman.

InsyaAllah, kemenangan ini membakar semangat saya untuk mendidik anak (-anak) untuk berjiwa besar seperti anak-anak Mesir dan Palestin. Dan semoga perjuangan kita semua diredai Allah..



Apabila seusai solat zohor di musolla suatu hari, seorang nenek yang tidak dapat difahami bahasa perbualannya, yang ada berkata sesuatu pada diri ini tapi diri tak mengerti, tiba-tiba memberikan pelukan sebelum memberi salam dan berlalu keluar..


Apabila seorang kenalan Arab dari Madinah, bertanya khabar dan meminta supaya diberitahu sekiranya kesempitan wang agar dia dapat menolong..


Apabila membaca tulisan Ustaz Hasrizal ketika beliau di dalam penjara, yang mana seorang muslim telah menghadiahkan persaudaraan bermakna walaupun untuk seketika..


Apabila membaca email seorang sahabat, yang memberitahu tatkala hidupnya serba kesempitan, pertolongan Allah tiba dalam bentuk yang tidak disangka-sangka, menerusi saudara-saudara seIslam juga walaupun bukan sebangsa..

Terkesan.. sesungguhnya ukhuwah Islamiyah dan fillah itulah yang termahal, tak ternilai..

Berdoa moga dapat dikembalikan semangat ukhuwah fillah yang dikesan kepada mereka-mereka yang berkenaan..


Err… Mr Cox who?!

‘Knock, knock..
Who’s there?
It’s Mr Cox..
Mr Cox who?
Mr Coxsakie laaa…’

Yes, Mr Coxsakie paid us a visit recently and he’s been around for over a week. If you’re not familiar with this coxsakie, it’s the virus (with many strains) that causes hand foot and mouth disease, better known as HFMD.

Rayyann first had it. She wasn’t her usual self on last Friday evening after we took her from the nursery. Cried when she consumed food on Saturday, and refused to take anything orally on Sunday.

On that Sunday morning also, I noticed she had sort of big blister bumps on her fingers, which the first impression caught on my mind was chicken pox. And quite immediately I told the whole world about it.But I only realized it wasn’t chickenpox, instead was HFMD, the day after, right after I checked again her body and there was no spots on her body, face and scalp.

Being very clingy, drooling almost all the time, hardly taking any food and drink (yes, she even screamed when I spurt a small volume of water down her throat), she’s been very, very weak. And seeing her in that condition really broke my heart.

Blister spots on right hand fingers

Deep down in my heart, I trust Allah that was the time when He want to grant me my prayer.  I’ve been praying to become a ‘sabar’ person. But I think I haven’t become one yet as I did explode my anger (or was it a frustration) towards Rayyann. Astaghfirullah al azim..

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying “We believe” and that they will not be tested? (2) We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false. (3) (Al-Ankabut, 2-3)

Anyway, Rayyann’s condition improved on Tuesday (two days after the spots appeared). Alhamdulillah. And she ate like she never ate before. MasyaAllah, how amazing! 🙂

Interestingly, both Dzul and I caught the disease too. I had few mouth ulcers, and Dzul had spots on his hands and feet, also a couple of mouth ulcers which appeared a little later. For me, having few mouth ulcers certainly wasn’t pleasant at all. InsyaAllah, by going through this ordeal patiently (although not to the extend of sabar), may Allah forgive us for our sinful deeds.

Well, there goes the story of Mr Cox’s visit 🙂

Di mana kita Eid-ul Adha ini?

‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar.. Lailaha illallah Allahuakbar.. Allahu akbar walillahilhamd’

Pertama sekali saya ingin mengucapkan Salam Eid-ul adha buat semua muslimin  dan muslimat. Satu lagi hari besar yang disuruh kita meraikannya. Moga peristiwa-peristiwa di sebalik hari yang mulia ini menjadi pengajaran buat kita semua (fasa-fasa pengorbanan dalam Islam dan kaitan Hari Raya Korban dalam post terdahulu: It’s December 2010). Didoakan para tetamu Allah tahun ini diterima ibadah haji kalian oleh Allah swt. Dan bagi umat muslimin yang tidak menunaikan haji, didoakan segala bentuk pengorbanan turut diterimaNya.

Kalau diikutkan tahun lepas dan awal tahun ini, kami merancang untuk menunaikan haji waktu ini. Tetapi Allah lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat kami, perancangan kami tidak diizinkan untuk berlaku. InsyaAllah, suatu hari nanti jika diizinkanNya.

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It’s been 10 years…


It’s been weeks since I last posted an entry.

And I’ve actually didn’t stop writing, but I only wrote halfway, and at the moment I’ve got at least four unpublished drafts. Too many things I wanted to write, but too bad I didn’t have much time to finish them. (Even now while I’m typing this I wonder if I’ll ever post this.. insyaAllah..)

And it’s also been 10 years since the event of the 11th of September, better known as 9/11 (which is weirdly easy to know what date it is when being said or written that way, but not the other dates since I normally say the day before the month. Let’s say 10/3 – which for me is the 10th of March instead of the 3rd of October.. LOL!)

We (thought we) know what had happened on that day. Many theories claimed that the hijack, the plane-crashing-the-WTC were all done by ‘muslim’ terrorists.. and as we also know, the more some people tried to associate this bad event and bad doings to Islam, the more people have reverted to Islam as they learnt about this beautiful religion. Subhanallah..

It doesn’t matter how exciting the news is (although it’s not new anymore), but what’s more important for us muslims is to look after our new brothers and sisters.. to support them as they need much help, especially those who don’t know who and where to turn to when they need the guidance, being the minority etc, etc.. And this I’m not talking about those in the States or Western countries only, but also to those in our own community.

That’s all for now, a short entry from me, which I hope will still help to remind me on one of our responsibilities to the other muslims.


Waktu ini, saya mencoret dari Itali.

Menghadiri kongres selama 5 hari di Florence. 5 hari merantau sendirian. 5 hari menimba ilmu dan pengalaman. 5 hari juga menyimpan rindu pada sang suami dan sang anak.

Barangkali hal berjauhan ni perkara biasa bagi sesetengah orang. Tapi saya tak biasa.

Apapun, bukan hal itu yang saya nak tekankan dalam coretan kali ini. Hari ini, sekadar nak bercerita tentang perjalanan ke Florence tempoh hari (14 Julai).

Di Frankfurt

Bertolak dari Birmingham, transit di Frankfurt selama 3 1/2 jam mengikut jadual. Pertama kali menjejakkan kaki di Jerman. Airportnya sibuk juga. Barangkali sebab waktu siang pun. Terfikir untuk solat di situ sementara waktu terluang banyak, instead of jamak taakhir. Anggarannya akan terjumpa ‘multifaith prayer room’ seperti di airport UK. Paling teruk, solat di celah yang sedikit sunyi. Tetapi, alhamdulillah, Allah ketemukan dengan papan tanda ‘Muslim prayer room’.

Alhamdulillah, setinggi-tinggi syukur. Musolla agak selesa, walaupun ruang untuk wanita kecil, tetapi untuk lelaki lebih kurang sebesar musolla di Portland Building di UoN. Ada ruang wuduk untuk wanita di situ. Maka tak perlu saya menapak ke tandas untuk mengangkat hadas kecil.

Quran dengan terjemahan pelbagai bahasa turut disediakan

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Unproductive June… Isra’ & Mikraj..

June, another unproductive month for me.. in term of blogging..

As I have many other important and urgent work to deal with.

Jiwaku terkadang teringin nak menulis, tapi apakan daya..

Anyway, today is 27th of Rejab.. the date which many Islamic scholars agree that Isra’ & mikraj happened on this date.

This was the night Rasulullah s.a.w. travelled from Baitullah to Baitul Maqdis (isra’) and from Baitul Maqdis to up the sky high (mikraj). A mukjizat which we muslims must have faith in, athough it sounds illogical to the sound mind. But that’s the power and greatness of Allah s.w.t. Allahu akbar!!

On this event, Allah through His Messenger, our beloved Rasullullah s.a.w, ordered every muslim to pray five times a day. The fardu.. compulsory, as a sign of submission and obedient to Him.

Therefore, in remembering this great event, it is time for reflection. For my ownself to look back at my ibadah, especially my solah. I am ashamed that sometimes I take this ibadah lightly. I sometimes delayed performing my solah for entertainment especially. Astaghfirullah al azim.

Seberapa cepat kamu mahu menghampiri Allah, secepat itulah Allah menghampiri kamu.

What a shame! When you are in need, you pray to Allah and hope He will grant you prayer immediately. But when it’s time to perform prayer for Him, you don’t feel to do it on that instance.

Koreksi diri….