Ibu yang garang!

  1. Saya bukanlah bercakap tentang sesiapa yang garang (walaupun ada sedikit relevan dengan ibu saya), tetapi hanya diri saya sendiri.
  2. Saya sentiasa fikir bahawa ibu saya seorang yang garang sewaktu saya kecil dahulu, tetapi saya rasa kalau dibandingkan ibu dahulu, saya lebih teruk lagi (sobs!).
  3. Saya akui kadangkala emosi saya sangat melebihi rasional saya; walaupun kadangkala rasional saya ada melakukan tindakan (memujuk hati) tetapi selalunya emosi amarah saya yang akan menang – yang seterusnya membuatkan saya menyesal sendiri. Tak perlu saya perincikan apakah tindakan yang pernah saya buat kepada anak saya (anak, bukan anak-anak, kerana yang selama ini yang menjadi mangsa amarah melampau saya hanya seorang), tetapi cukup saya katakan perbuatan yang saya lakukan melebihi jerit tengking.
  4. Saya sangat-sangat berusaha untuk mengurangkan kemarahan saya kepada anak . Ada sedikit perubahan yang baik kini tetapi masih jauh daripada apa yang saya perlu buat. Seringkali si anak mencabar dan menduga kesabaran saya, tetapi sepatutnya saya tak boleh marahkan anak kerana dia belum mumayyiz lagi.
  5. Semuanya masih berbalik kepada saya, saya yang perlu mengubah diri, lebih muhasabah diri.

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Semalam kami main bersama…

I have to say yesterday was the most wonderful day in the year 2015, so far..

After work/ fetched the kids from school/nursery, around 6.10 pm I asked my husband if we can go swimming at the condo’s pool (we’ve been renting a condo since March last year).

He said okay, but what I wasn’t expecting is that he’s coming along too. On my mind before asking I just thought it would be only me with the kids.

So we all changed to our ‘wet’ attire, except Imad, which I just brought his in a bag, packed some stuff required and out we went.

Rayyann seemed to be quite natural to dunk herself in the water, Imad’s getting more skillful too in walking in the water. I guess a few more pool session, I shouldn’t be too worried about him being in the water. (He had a number of ‘choking-drowning-like’ events that turned our faces white before.. phew!)

After about 30 minutes in the water and at the little playground, we went back to our crib, with Imad screaming, wanting to return to the pool. The kids took their shower, and then myself.

The second wonderful event was that we got to perform solat jemaah for maghrib. It was unplanned. I was getting ready to perform Maghrib prayer when Rayyann suddenly said, “Rayyann nak ikut ibu solat”. Okay, I said. While she was putting on her praying garment, Dzul came and said, “Kalaulah boleh nak solat sama2..” something like that. I said, why not. He was referring to Imad. I said it’ll be okay, insyaAllah.

And alhamdulillah, we had our very first solat together, with Imad, although he was only running around and ate some potato crisps at times. Rayyann also did quite well, for staying on her praying mat throughout the prayer although she talked and laughed with Imad at times (there was a time I need to shut my eyes as trying to refrain myself from laughing at Imad, sigh!).

Oh, by the way, before performing the prayer, I had ensured that there was nothing dangerous around the room that may harm Imad if he found it. We also had the room door closed so that he would only stay in the room with us and not going anywhere without our supervision.

Subhanallah walhamdulillah.. hoping for similar events to occur again, insyaAllah.. 🙂

Birthday: Mirza yang serius ;)

Happy birthday, Mirza 🙂

Happy 1st birthday, Mirza sayang..

We haven’t met each other, and now you’re already a year old..

Doa Ibu untuk Mirza, 

Semoga Mirza membesar di bawah lindungan rahmat Allah,

dikelilingi orang-orang yang menyayangi Mirza..

dididik dan dipelihara dengan penuh kasih sayang..

Menjadi seorang yang taat kepada Allah dan PesuruhNya.. 

Berbakti kepada kedua orang tua dan agama..

Bijak, sihat dan pintar..



p/s: I still owe birthday posts of 8 people.. huhu.. Oh, in case if you wonder, Mirza is my second nephew 😉


Err… Mr Cox who?!

‘Knock, knock..
Who’s there?
It’s Mr Cox..
Mr Cox who?
Mr Coxsakie laaa…’

Yes, Mr Coxsakie paid us a visit recently and he’s been around for over a week. If you’re not familiar with this coxsakie, it’s the virus (with many strains) that causes hand foot and mouth disease, better known as HFMD.

Rayyann first had it. She wasn’t her usual self on last Friday evening after we took her from the nursery. Cried when she consumed food on Saturday, and refused to take anything orally on Sunday.

On that Sunday morning also, I noticed she had sort of big blister bumps on her fingers, which the first impression caught on my mind was chicken pox. And quite immediately I told the whole world about it.But I only realized it wasn’t chickenpox, instead was HFMD, the day after, right after I checked again her body and there was no spots on her body, face and scalp.

Being very clingy, drooling almost all the time, hardly taking any food and drink (yes, she even screamed when I spurt a small volume of water down her throat), she’s been very, very weak. And seeing her in that condition really broke my heart.

Blister spots on right hand fingers

Deep down in my heart, I trust Allah that was the time when He want to grant me my prayer.  I’ve been praying to become a ‘sabar’ person. But I think I haven’t become one yet as I did explode my anger (or was it a frustration) towards Rayyann. Astaghfirullah al azim..

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying “We believe” and that they will not be tested? (2) We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false. (3) (Al-Ankabut, 2-3)

Anyway, Rayyann’s condition improved on Tuesday (two days after the spots appeared). Alhamdulillah. And she ate like she never ate before. MasyaAllah, how amazing! 🙂

Interestingly, both Dzul and I caught the disease too. I had few mouth ulcers, and Dzul had spots on his hands and feet, also a couple of mouth ulcers which appeared a little later. For me, having few mouth ulcers certainly wasn’t pleasant at all. InsyaAllah, by going through this ordeal patiently (although not to the extend of sabar), may Allah forgive us for our sinful deeds.

Well, there goes the story of Mr Cox’s visit 🙂

Lesson beyond classroom

(This entry was meant to be posted months ago.)

Hehe, I borrowed the slogan of Genius Aulad.

Learning should not be restricted to only inside a classroom. It can happen anywhere – at your home, in the garden, in a shopping mall (if you’re a shopaholic who spend most of the time in a shopping mall, eheh!).. even in the toilet!!

Rayyann’s lesson at our backyard 🙂

One fine evening in early of May 2011, while Dzul was happily snoozing in the bed.. hehe..

"What do I need to do now.. hmm.."

She still needed to be wrapped out as it was slightly cold. It wasn’t fully summer yet. That’s why..

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Birthday(s): For a little princess and her papa

My Dearest Niece, Aleesya Raihanah..

As you’ve turned one, I pray that you’ll grow up to become a good muslimah; as smart as Saidatina A’isha r.a., as courageous as Sumaiyah, as patient as Siti Hajar, and as obedient as Siti Maryam.

May you grow up as a beautiful muslimah, inside and out.

..And I wish you all the happiness in the world and the hereafter.. ameen..


Also, an overdue birthday wish for the father..

Ahmad Zamir, who had his 33rd birthday on 19/8/2011

Dear Abang Zamir, I don’t know you much, but I know you’re a caring husband to your wife, a lovely father to your daughter, and responsible son and brother for your parents and other siblings. I wish you’ll achieve whatever things you’ve ever dreamed of, and always being graced with the blessings from The Almighty. InsyaAllah..

Aleesya Raihanah & her Papa
Happy birthday!
p/s: Sorry, the photo is outdated. That’s all I could find which is most appropriate..

Birthday: Happy birthday, Kak Badariah

I’d like to wish my sister-in-law, sis Badariah Mohamed Noor..

a very happy birthday!..

Dear kak Da,

Our initial relationship was a bit awkward, I’d say. I’ve never met you in person until few days before I was engaged with Dzul, that was when we went to One Utama together with Dzul & Abg Zamir. We had Kenny Rogers for lunch, and then went to watch Shrek 3 at the cinema. Despite I felt like I knew you as Dzul talked a lot about you, and yet on that day we didn’t talk to each other much as.. it was awkward (there, I said it again!).

Anyways, after I got married to Dzul, and we’ve interacted more and more, I really like you and feel more comfortable to be around you (I hope you feel like-wise, eheh..)

Mama told me about her experience when she carried you in her womb. When the amniotic sac that surrounded you broke and instead of protecting you, the sac was somewhere else. A very adventurous and dangerous for a fragile foetus, but alhamdulillah, Allah protected you and against all odd you were born, and grown as a beautiful woman, inside and out. Subhanallah!

What I gather from Dzul, Mama, Bapak, and other relatives.. and also from my own observation (ops! bukannya xde kerja nak observe2 org nih.. but you know what I mean..).. you are very polite, kind, hardworking  and independent person. In fact, I’m sure there are more positive traits in you. And despite the situation you faced in your early life, you were a brilliant and physically active student back during your school years. MasyaAllah!

Hence, on your birthday, I pray for your happiness fid dunya wal akhirah. And Allah’s will, you’ll find your life partner soon. I’m sure that special person will be one of the luckiest guys in the world 🙂

K Badariah.. pinjam gambar FB eh.. hehe..

Happy birthday, sister!!

Ayahanda Aziz Osman, selamat ulangtahun!

Ah, saya kelewatan sehari..

Ulangtahun Ayah yang ke 59 adalah pada hari semalam sebenarnya..


Tapi, dek kesibukan memuat-naik gambar percutian yang banyak di FB (juga kekeringan minat dan idea untuk mencoret panjang) menyebabkan tergendala rancangan mencoret untuk hari ulangtahun ayahanda tersayang ini. Selain daripada itu, saya pun tercari-cari idea, gaya manakah yang sesuai untuk dicoretkan khas buat Ayah. Seriuskah, lawak kah.. puisi kah, biografikah?..Apapun, beginilah coretan saya kali ini….

Inilah ayah saya, Hj Abdul Aziz Osman.. kurang setahun mencecah usia 60 tahun.

Pada wajah Ayah, terserlah kematangan. Full of wisdom, as they say in English. Sifat kebapaan, kini ke’datuk’an 😉 sentiasa terpancar dari raut wajah Ayah.


Ayah sangat bersemangat waja – sifat yang sedikit sebanyak ada kami warisi (Alangkah baiknya kalau lebih banyak yang kami ambil *sigh*). Ayah seorang yang optimis, berpandangan jauh. Beliau sentiasa berusaha untuk menjadi yang lebih baik. Semangat itulah yang sering diserukan kepada kami.
Ayah seorang yang mengambil berat tentang perkataan ‘USAHA’. Keadaan Ayah kini adalah dari hasil usaha kerja keras Ayah selama ini. Ayah bukan serta merta dilahirkan mewah. Seingat saya, Ayah pernah bekerja sebagai buruh, office boy, operator (?) di Telecom Singapore (di mana Ayah & Ibu berkenalan *wink,wink*). Kemudian Ayah ambil peluang melanjutkan pelajaran di peringkat diploma dalam bidang Business & Management di ITM, walaupun mendapat tentangan daripada arwah Datuk (kalau ikut kata Ibu) kerana Datuk perlukan Ayah sebagai anak sulung dalam keluarga untuk bekerja, membantu menyara keluarga. Tapi siapa sangka, sifat Ayah yang memandang jauh ke hadapan terbayar.
Ayah kemudian diterima bekerja di Bank Bumiputra. Bermula sebagai pegawai kewangan, Ayah melaksanakan tugas dengan penuh dedikasi, jujur dan amanah sehingga diangkat menjadi pengurus cawangan, dari yang kecil (di JB, Ipoh) ke yang besar (di KL). Kejayaan Ayah hasil sedikit pengorbanan suatu ketika dahulu, dengan izin Allah, dapat menampung keluarga nukleus dan juga membantu keluarga besar Ayah.
Ayah sangat mementingkan pendidikan di kalangan kami, anak-anaknya. Ayah (& Ibu) selalu berpesan, kalau Ayah ada diploma, biar anak-anak lebih dari Ayah. Jadi alhamdulillah, saya dan kakak menyahut panggilan Ayah & Ibu. Alhamdulillah, syukur juga kami ada kecenderungan untuk sambung belajar selepas ijazah pertama 🙂 Ayah pun turut sama, tidak hanya cakap tak serupa bikin, tetapi selepas bersara dari kerja di bahagian kewangan, Ayah mengambil peluang untuk belajar lagi. Sekarang Ayah sedang mengambil jurusan Sains Politik peringkat ijazah sarjana muda. Didoakan Ayah berjaya dengan cemerlang (the same prayer goes for myself.. huhu..).
Walaupun Ayah dahulu sibuk dengan kerja-kerja beliau, Ayah tetap tak lupa meluangkan masa untuk keluarga. Jika ada kesempatan, Ayah akan membawa kami sekeluarga bercuti. For me, the best was when we went to Kuching in 2000 (?), since all of us were there (Ika dah ada waktu itu, hehe..). Ayah turut prihatin dengan pendidikan Islam kami. Waktu saya lebih muda dahulu (hehe..), kerapkali Ayah mengimamkan solat maghrib dan isya berjemaah. Dan di antara waktu itu, Ayah akan memberikan sedikit tazkirah daripada kitab-kitab yang Ayah baca. Usrah! Konsep yang sekian lama Ayah telah terapkan dalam keluarga, cuma dulu saya ambil endah tak endah, tapi kini saya tercari-cari semula. Alangkah ruginya dulu kurang mengambil kisah. Ah, jiwa pun masih leka. Seingat saya, usrah masih dilakukan oleh Ayah setahun dua sebelum saya berkahwin. Tapi sangat jarang, memandangkan masing-masing sudah berada jauh dari rumah. Sedari itu pun, surau Al-Iman berhampiran rumah selalu mengadakan pengisian-pengisian, jadi kami hanya mengikut aktiviti yang diadakan.
Pengurusan kewangan. Tak sah kalau seorang pegawai kewangan tak mendidik anak-anak cara menguruskan kewangan. Secara ringkasnya, Ayah memastikan kami masing-masing mempunyai akaun simpanan sejak kecil, dan menyimpan walau sedikit wang harian yang ada. Petua yang sama untuk wang gaji apabila kami sudah mula bekerja. The least is to save 10% of what you get.
Ah, kalau ikutkan hati baaaa…nyak lagi yang ingin saya catatkan tentang Ayah. Kebaikan, kemuliaan hati, kegarangan (eheh.., biasalah, ayah.. hihi) dan lain-lain lagi. Apapun, I sum up that Ayah is the best father I could have asked for.
Buat Ayah, Hidayah doakan Ayah sentiasa di bawah peliharaan & rahmat Allah swt. Segala jasa baik Ayah mudah-mudahan dibalas Allah dengan balasan syurga. Semoga amal ibadah Ayah diterimaNya. Semoga Allah mengurniakan kesihatan & kebahagiaan buat Ayah. Dan harapnya Hidayah (dan adik beradik yang lain) memenuhi sedikit sebanyak impian Ayah sebagai anak-anak yang Ayah banggakan 🙂 Mudah-mudahan kita semua sentiasa di bawah keredhaanNya.  Ampun dan maaf atas segala salah silap Hidayah pada Ayah selama ini.
I Love You, Ayah 🙂
p/s: Rindu untuk bertemu Ayah lagi 🙂

Nad & Abg Irwan.. happy birthday!

After weeks of silence, now I’m back..

Today, we have a couple of birthday wishes.. The first one goes to:

My dearest sister, Nadhira Kaz..


Happy birthday, Nad 😀

You’re… 25.. today.. 😀

Wow, how time flies.. I could vividly remember when you were little.. we used to play together.. There was a time when I was looking after you while Ibu was busy in the kitchen that I accidentally let you swallowed the ‘ubat kuning’. Believe me, it happened so fast, I couldn’t stop you. Then you  had to spend a night (with Ibu) in the hospital. Alhamdulillah, nothing worse had happened.

We also went to school together in Kosas. The first time I had to act as a big sis. You know what I mean. Looking after you while in the school. I was in standard 6 while you were in standard 1. Remember we were being called ‘Mak itik & anak itik’ by certain kids for our patience to not rush to get onto the school bus.. hehe..

Oh, now I remember. We went to sekolah agama rakyat in Ipoh together before Kosas, this one with Naufal too. One of the memories that I couldn’t forget is when we were asked to memorise numbers in arabic. Everyone had to stand up and was allowed to sit only after answering the question. And to see you raise your hand and answered the question on your own, you made me proud in silent 🙂 I used to underestimate your ability and worried how you’d do in the class where the age range was big, but since then I knew you were able to do more things than I thought you weren’t.

When you were younger I had always looked you as a cute, quiet little girl who is also independent (yeah, to compare you with Naufal.. hehe..) and sometimes had few surprises, be it good or not so good (being bitten by monkey for example, hahaha..) for all of us.

Now, we’re being separated most of the times and we have our own lives to lead. We may not be that close but no matter what we’re still close in our hearts. We can still share things, tears & laughters.. that’s what the best thing in us being sisters.

So, on your birthday.. I pray for all good things to be in your way. May Allah bless you endlessly.. Take care..

I love you, sis!

Also a birthday wish for my brother-in law, Mohamed Irwan

Abg Irwan talks to his friend, si ikan kaloi?

I only know you for three years plus, ever since you dated my elder sister. But throughout the period, I find you are fun to be around with, funny, helpful.. and the most important thing, you make kak Fau happy 😀

So, there’s nothing more that I can wish for you on your birthday but for you to have successful life fid dunya wal akhirah, to have a happy family.. and always be in the rahmah of Allah. Ameen..

Happy birthday, abg Irwan.. 😀