I’m well aware I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot.. lately..

It wasn’t by accident, but on purpose.. It was more out of guilt, really.

I know I need to put my priority right, which is currently finishing my thesis, and get my third degree done with. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have the time to update my blog at all. It was just.. as I said.. I felt guilty, since I should spend the time writing up my thesis instead – knowing myself is very slow at writing (including this blog, especially when I’m having writer-block).

Recently, I heard a talk by Sheikh Kamal Al Mekki entitled ‘Got Manners?’ on Youtube (thanks to Aiman Azlan for the recommendation), which said something about intention and action. That if you intend to change, just set your heart to do it and just do it. No excuse!

For now, that’s my plan..insyaAllah, to change myself (to a better person definitely). To be precise, in finishing my thesis, stick to the plan I’ve done (not going on very well as I expected, more room for improvement). And for my blog, to update it more frequently.


*babble = bebel 😉


Great minds, small minds

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people..”

The quote in English doesn’t sound as harsh as in Malay:

“Orang hebat bercakap tentang idea, orang biasa bercakap tentang peristiwa, orang bodoh bercakap tentang diri (sendiri atau orang lain)..”

I remember few months ago a friend of mine posted this as his facebook status, and made it a reason for not to write a blog, as he didn’t want to be classified as ‘stupid’ (eheh..). You see, people commonly write blogs to tell about what is going on around them, some would like to just write simple things that had happened to themselves, But there are also others: more serious bloggers who write really good blogs.

As for me there’s nothing wrong to write a blog (surely I’d say that!) and to write about yourself, so long as there’s something that other people can learn about from reading your writing (not necessarily blogs). Ever heard of autobiographies? We have great autobiographies of remarkable people, as well as travelogs. Who else would have write the experiences that we can learn from them if not the person who experienced them themselves.

Anyways, as for my friend who didn’t want to own a blog before, he has now started to have one. May people benefit from your writing, and insyaAllah may Allah bless all your effort.

I pray we will all become great people 🙂

Baru nak cerita…

I realized I’ve been in total silence for more than a month (with the exceptions of my tweets and a post on Nadhira & Abg Irwan’s birthday). I made a record in March for not posting any single entry in the month after … a year, perhaps? There was a lot of things happened in March, my heart & brain screamed to have the things in them to be poured out. But in the end they had to accept that I just didn’t have the time (plus energy) to do it.

Anyways, what happened in March..

1. The crisis in Libya just got worse and worse (since February, even until now). I really pity a few of my Libyan colleagues. Worries paint their face every day. I asked Samia, my Libyan friends once, ‘how’s family and things?..’ , she could just sigh. Alhamdulillah, how I’m so grateful not to face the same situation. I hope I never will. (But maybe I’ll be tested in different kind of way?)

2. Tsunami hit Japan.. I was in the kitchen one morning, preparing the lunch for my father, brother, sister & cousin (who were here for two weeks since 8 March), before I went to school when I heard the news on tv. Subhanallah, Allah is The Almighty. And only then I knew that the position of the moon has something to do with tsunami. Duh!  Let me explain. All these whiles I thought the earthquake triggers tsunami. But it turn out that the oceanic thing – tides etc, influenced by the moon, triggers the earthquake, hence lead to the occurrence of tsunami. I don’t mean to explain this thing scientifically here, but that’s a new knowledge I’ve acquired. Thanks to Yam Yie for the info. Wow!  Subhanallah. How complex our universe system is that things are still unexplainable in total. How great is Allah! Allahu akbar!!

3. I had visitors! (as mentioned in the above point). Ayah, Nadhira, Naufal & Iqmal came for a visit from 8-22 March. It was exciting to have guests, despite it drained out my energy. (Baru sekarang faham macam mana Ibu bila ada tetamu berhari-hari). At least it gave Rayyann some experience to have other people at home besides her parents. The last time we received visitors was last August, before Ramadhan. They were Mr & Mrs Ooi, hubby’s former employers. But they were here for only the weekends, thus it wasn’t that tiring. Oh, also K fau & family paid us a visit too in November (lupa pulak! hehe..) for 9 days. But because I took a week off from school, so, again, it wasn’t tiring (from doing much cooking, but from jalan2..)

The last point, I hope I’ll be able to write a special entry on it. Ya Allah, please allow me to do so. Wouldn’t be able to do it without your permission. InsyaAllah..

*Just finished an animal experiment (not exactly, I still have their samples to work on) and a presentation on my study. So, this is kind of giving myself a break. InsyaAllah, I hope I’ll post in more entries soon.



I’m thinking of giving my blog an entire revamp.. but with my irregular entry posting, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

We’ll see….


(Lama tak post entry yang sgt pendek, dan tak ada apa2 isi)

I hate it, but I shouldn’t..

Subhanallah.. the colours of autumn have now reappear.. How beautiful..

Autumn leaf

At least, the pretty sceneries that the eyes are feasting keep my mind off of the slightly depressed feeling that has started to cloud over me.. since the days are getting shorter.. since the dark hours are longer

We have to wait for the bus to return home when it’s already dark starting today. Not something I’m keen of.  Furthermore, the daylight saving time ended on last Saturday night. Hence, it’s dark at 5pm.

During lunch, both Dzul & I had a brief chat with our lunch mate from Thai, Somwang. He said exactly what I had in mind, which was something like this ~

“I miss the food and weather of my country. Other than that, I can adapt..”

Despite my not-so-keen-towards-the-time-difference feeling, I thought I should be grateful that I got the chance to experience living in this 4 seasons country. I should have full faith with what Allah have created & made. My faith should accept that everything being made, happened for reasons. Experiences are just so invaluable. Whether they are experience that we like or against to. They help us to learn about life, and more, to bring us closer to The Sustainer. InsyaAllah..

Oh Allah, forgive me as I’m wrong..

To P or not to P

Last Saturday we went to visit a friend who had just delivered a baby boy. MasyaAllah, many congratulations to the couple, Hafiz & Eda on  their newly born. (Well, actually she delivered on the 1st of Sept, but only now we got the time to pay them a visit 😉 )

A common topic to talk about in this sort of visit would be – the experience of labour.. and PANTANG.

Coincidentally, when we called home (in Penang), Bapak asked the same question. Since my brother in-law’s wife is properly ‘berpantang’.

So, this is what this blog entry is all about.. Pantang ke tak pantang.

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Kenangan Helwa dulu

It’s been a while since I last visited HelwaNMC’s fotopage. Tengok2 banyaknya aktivit yang dah ketinggalan. What to do, time did not permit me to join them.

Anyways, I found this entry which the activity was ‘potong kain baju kurung’.. demonstrated by moi.. hehe.. sampai skrg tak bagi2 lagi step-by-step instruction.. sampai dah bertukar ajk helwa 2x dah ni.. :S

At this time, I was in my early stage of pregnancy. Dah start morning sickness, but still hid the fact I was pregnant from everyone. Alhamdulillah masa sickness tu kalo pergi rumah orang, hilang rasa 😉

Click here for the full fotopage entry..


Been a while since I last posted anything.. been busy with school work.. Some summary what I’ve been up to:

ELISA: corticosterone & estradiol (since July till today!)
BAP Summer Meeting in Harrogate (25-28 July 2010)
Data analysis

I’ll sure post something about my trip to Harrogate, insyaAllah.. and my long overdue post on Ramadhan (it’s been almost a year now!).. and on some other thing which I’m already midway writing them.. but unfinished.. so busy, you see! huhu…

By the way, would like to take this opportunity to wish both my parents, HAPPY 32nd MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY on the 3rd August!! Love you both to bits! Moga dirahmati Allah sentiasa, ameen…

Many Congratulations!

I’d like to congratulate a friend of mine,  Suhaili Abu Bakar a.k.a Kak Sue, who has successfully defended her PhD thesis last Wednesday (30/06/10) with very minor correction (typo only, that’s what I understood). Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah..

Dr Suhaili with her family

Her viva lasted for only less than an hour, which is quite amazing as normally it would take around 1.5-3 hours. Subhanallah.. perhaps the prayers from the people around her had helped her going through this obstacle.

Well, although we don’t normally hang out together, but I have to say that she’s like a best friend, a sister for me.. I’m certain she’s one of those people I know here that I’m gonna miss a lot.

She’ll be returning to Malaysia soon, and I’m sure wish her all the best in her career and future undertakings. May Allah bless her and her family always.. Ameen.

p/s: Photo stolen from Abg Taufik’s fb.. hehe… jgn mare aaa… 😉