Slides PO 23 March 2010

For my future reference.. as I’m out of space on my laptop (took up by the mice videos).. sabar2..



Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..

Praise to Allah..

I couldn’t feel more grateful than I am now.¬† Allah is All Merciful..

Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim..

Rayyann has been granted clearance of her entry to UK.. means she’ll be back living with us ūüėÄ

Both my hubby & I have been missing her a lot! InsyaAllah we plan to expand our family (to 12 members, perhaps.. ;)).. and the plan will rely on how good are we in raising Nur Rayyann ūüôā


Prof Datuk Dr Ismail SallehNegara hari ini kehilangan seorang tokoh besar, Prof Datuk Dr Ismail Mohd Salleh.

Apakah keistimewaan beliau sehingga pemergiannya dirasakan suatu kehilangan? Beliau merupakan seorang pakar ekonomi yg bukan calang2 orangnya. Walaupun cacat penglihatan, tetapi sumbangannya kepada negara, dunia, dan secara tidak langsung agama Islam sangat besar.

Alfatihah buat Allahyarham. Moga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan org yg bertakwa dan soleh. Amin.

(Read this short article about him)

Growing tummy (not growling tau!hehe..)

I noticed I’ve never really wrote anything about my pregnancy, despite the fact that I’m entering the eighth month soon.. (gasp!)

Ermm.. what should I start with? Morning-sickness? urgh! something I’m not really keen to write about.. but somehow there was some interesting experience with it.. If I could list down the things that I despised.. the thing that I craved during that period.. If I’m not mistaken, my sickness lasted for about 3 months.. quite a long period I had to endure, huh? In fact, there’s still some smell which I could not really stand of up till now.. but not as bad as how it used to be..

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tsk..tsk..too lazy!

Lots of things occurred from the last time I entered a blog here. I was a lil bit lazy to post any entry..and furthermore,didn’t really have the time to online. Well, not sure if I’ll be able to jot down every single even..Just wait for the entry (if there’s going to be any,hehe…)…

Apa2 lah!…hehe..

Hmm…having a pretty boring day…been online for quite some time…sent email to nott to enquire few things.. btw, i’ve been offered (with conditions) a place for MPhil by the U..takut lak pikir nak further study nih.. am thinking of how to write a resignaton letter.. dr hr tu tanye Dzul bile agak2 nak dia asek kate kalo resign nanti nak watpe while waiting for enrolment…hmm..btol least sementara tu I can earn more money..bolehla nak tmbh sket kalo nak survive idup kat UK yg maha mahal tuh..hehe…

La ni pon dok pikir apa title nak masukkan utk entry hr nih…kehkeh…

BacK AgAiN!!

Salam.. I’m back again.. since the earthquake in Taiwan that ruined the internet line around the globe,I’ve lost interest in posting any skrg rasa nak write balik..though I’ve not much idea..what to write about,but who cares..hehe.. moreover,nobody’s going to really read my blog..some people write because they want their thoughts to be reached by people out there..some write to get famous..but me..saje je.. wew..this is the most boring thing I’ve ever write, I guess…


Wow! it’s been a while..more than a month now since i last blog.. Salam Aidilfitri to all my muslim friends.. (a belated wish,tsktsk..).. Syawal is coming to its end and only now i gotta wish eid mubarak.. teruk btol!

Erm, oops..i forgot what i was about to the way, thanks to Nabil for dropping by..yes, u r right..i’ve seen nothing much.. there is still a¬†long journey for me.. insyaAllah, if i can live longer i’ll learn loads more.. Image

Hair shampoo…oh, shampoo..

Today is my 5th day of work..I’ve began my work in a retail pharmacy last Wednesday¬†(20 Sept)..¬†a very busy one, I can say..

Well, today my most interesting customer was a guy who was really worried about his hair.. His hair is much,much nicer than mine.. but he was worried as he is having this falling-hair problem.. anyway, as he is cute was fun..hehehe..

Guy: Can I have a look at that  shampoo? (pointing to Selsun anti dandruff shampoo)..

Me: No prob.. (and reached for the shampoo)

Guy: Does this one contain chemicals..I’m having this kind of problem.. I was using the wrong shampoo and my head turned out to have flakes, some sort like dandruff..Will this help? But my hair is falling as well..I’m afraid it will just make the prob (hair fall) worse..

Me: hmm..well, sure it does contain chemicals..(afer all, most drugs are chemicals!Image)

Guy: I’m really worried..boleh jamin ke rambut xgugur?

Me: Maybe sbb kulit kepala yang problem, jadi rambut gugur..

bla..bla.. at last, the guy did buy the product.. Image¬†fuh!if he didn’t buy it..then it must’ve been a waste of time..but since he’s cute.. okayla.. at least I managed to convince him.. hehe..