The Malaysian school syllabus nowadays

I could just shook my head when my husband showed this photo shared on facebook to me, a page from a standard one book:

Buku sekolah kanak-kanak darjah satu

Apparently from the comments posted by the friends, there is such curriculum: Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT) or Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

What on earth?!

There is really something wrong with the syllabus.

Why do we want the kids to achieve high level of intellectual skills at this age, when nurturing good attitude (akhlak), teaching them living skills should be the priority?

No wonder we have even standard one kids bullying the peers, if this is what the education system is emphasizing right now. We just fail to understand the mental capacity of the children.

Final words – I agree with this comment: