Water… Wise enough?

El nino has already made it’s way here. And it has been forecasted that the weather is going to remain dry for another 9-12 months.

Dry weather = less water reserve = water ration if not careful

To prevent that from happening, I am doing my bit to save the water. Have been doing it for years (a habit inculcated by my parents, alhamdulillah), but more since the last few months when we had the drought earlier this year.


I can’t say I’ve done enough to preserve the amount of water in our dams, but at least I’m trying. So far, these are what I’ve been doing:

  • I try to shorten my shower time to only 2-3 minutes. Even if I shampoo my hair, the time is sufficient.
  • I try to ensure no water is leaking through our pipes.
  • I don’t leave the water running when I’m brushing my teeth and while soaping the dirty dish.
  • I try to use the water as minimal as I could when I’m taking my wudhu. Sometimes I have a pail ready underneath the pipe where I’m taking my wudhu to contain the excess water so that it can be used for other things e.g. Washing the bathroom, flush down the toilet etc.
  • Using the used water from washing the rice to water my plants (provide additional nutrients to the plants too).

I vow to do these, which I haven’t yet started:

  • Washing veges and fruits in a basin.
  • The same steps in washing the dishes (have a basin of water to rinse them).
  • Tadah air hujan

Islam has always taught us to use our resources wisely. If it’s not for our good, then what is it for? InsyaAllah, hopefully everyone will play his/her part and we can avoid further rationing.

P/s: it’s been a while, eh?